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Rainy Day Play

With Hurricane Isaac plaguing our outside play time here in Central Florida what’s a mom of very antsy kids to do. There are tons of super mom bloggers out there who come up with some totally unique craft/activity for their toddler to do daily. I’m not that well rested resourceful to do that with my 3 kids. So with the baby happily playing on the floor gumming a pair of match box cars I ran upstairs to print off a ‘START’ and ‘FINISH’ sign and grab some pom poms that were left over after making antennae headbands for my 3 year old’s Bee birthday party last April. I sent my 3 year old off to pick out 2 straws while I taped the signs to some wooden skewers and planted them into some small containers of playdough. Thus Rainy Day Pom Pom Racing was born. The beauty of this game is they can do this ANYWHERE, like later when I needed to make dinner it entertained them for all of 3 minutes (3 minutes more than I could have hoped for otherwise).

To start I put the finish line closer for my almost 2 year old and removed the added element of difficulty (the straw) and just told her to blow. Then moved it back for my 3 year old who mastered it instantly.

Knowing the storm will be hanging around for a few more days I guess I’ll need some more inspiration to strike or just resolve myself to watching the same episodes of Dora the Explorer and My Little Pony on loop…Mother of the year, I know.

What are your favorite rainy day games to play with your munchkins?


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