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Weston is Here!

Okay well he’s been around for a little over 2 weeks at this point, but I’m finally getting around to shouting it out to the world (other than the immediate platform of my personal Facebook account). Mr. MillionAyres and I had a fun time with our own newborn photo shoot during one of those all too precious moments when all the kids were napping at the same time. Here’s one of the better shots we ended up with. But we are only amateurs with limited knowledge of our camera. Time to call in the professionals.


Ashley Gussler Photography provided the following images, along with several others that we just swooned over. We love our little boy to pieces and so do his big sisters who (for now) consider being able to hold him a reward for good behavior. We’ll see how long that lasts.


After 2 epidural births with my girls, we went the all natural mid-wife approach with Weston. While I loved my mid-wife and the laid back experience at the birthing center and laboring in a hot jacuzzi tub, feeling the pain of child birth is something I might just reserve for Weston, when we start thinking about adding another mini-MillionAyres to the brood.

Now, though i’ve been incogneto for the past few weeks doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my bum the entire time. There is plenty to share in the coming days if only I can find the time to post about it.

Stay tuned.



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