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Crayola Monogram…Pinterest strikes again!

Yes, everyone and their mother (fortunately not MY mother) has seen this little project on pinterest a thousand times but being that it would be completely unique to my own mother who happens to be a teacher, or her gift this Christmas, I made her a little personalized wall decoration for her classroom. I kept things simple…well, simple enough. I decoupaged the piece of paper that came with the frame with scraps of paper out of a spare book to give a little backdrop to the monogram. With my ever present companion, Mod Podge, glued a cut out of her name onto the lower portion of the paper. Praise God for new exacto blades. Is it weird that I got super excited when I came across a brand spankin’ new package of blades in one of my bins?  Really the hardest part of the project was informing my 2 mini-millionayres that they couldn’t have the new package of crayons. Unfathomable torture to them you can be sure. Their broken hearts were partially mended when I made the peace offering of the remaining crayons from the box after all was said and done.

This project also supplied me with copious amounts of small pieces of crayon in which I intend to melt down into shapes of a silicone baking mold and give these trippy multi-colored crayons to my kids, perhaps as a Valentine’s Day present. It’s the simple things that speak to a child’s heart, and one of them is named Crayola.


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