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It’s in the (Fully Lined Canvas) Bag

So, it was my goal to make more of my Christmas gifts this year than purchase them. However with the loyal following of my family, posting about said creations prior to the holiday would have proven less than impressive to the recipient, thus I am sharing it now with you, after the fact.

For my sister, who could easily fall into the “Hipster” category, I made a simple tote out of an old scrap of canvas that she actually gave to me in a box of random goods last spring as she was moving into a new apartment. I told her I would make something out of it and eventually I did. Is it wrong that she actually paid for half of the supplies for her own Christmas gift?!? I knew she would dig the re-purposing of said scrap of  canvas and have yet another bag to haul her groceries, goods and other gadgets in. Feeling I got off a bit cheap on this one I also gifted her with the Anthro-inspired rope necklace, found here. Still, I got of cheap and crafty, just how I like it.

This bag also gave me an excuse to use some beautiful fabric I picked off of JoAnn’s clearance fabric section. A COMPLETE impulse buy, purchased without any specific project in mind. An all too common occurrence and habit that my husband I am trying desparately to break.

I wanted the bag to be fully lined and the fastest and simplest way for me to do this (On Christmas Eve) was to give the bag french seams so that should she so choose, my sister could easily flip the bag inside out. Again, because I am Queen of last minute gifts I didn’t take any pictures during the creation process. The following pictures were supplied by my sister and her fabulous iPhone 4S with it’s amazing camera!

I did my best attempt at securing the straps in a way that would 1) make it most secure, and 2) look most professional. My husband was impressed and that was enough for me!

I curved the edges of the otherwise square bag to create a sort of expandable base for those “full bag” days…

What’s a bag without a little embellishment. In hind sight I should have made these into a broach and just pinned them in place rather than stitch them, but I think they’re still fun and the fabric flowers 3 different ways gives it a little more interest.
The final product already in use and taking up real estate on my sister’s bed.

Thanks for letting me share. I’ll be posting some of the other creations I made soon!


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