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12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 Jingle Bell Hurricane Vase Giveaway

Okay this is going to be one of those smack yourself on the head and think, Why didn’t I think of that moments when I tell you about today’s DIY. It’s Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas DIY and Giveaway and today it’s about the Jingle Bell Hurrican Vase. Now I know Dollar Store Hurricane Vases are all over Pinterest and that’s all well and good. It wasn’t until I was browsing through this season’s Pier 1 catalog that I saw a Jingle Bell Pillar Candle stand that I thought, “DUH, put a jingle bell in the middle of the candle stick and glass vase for something a little more festive!” So I did just that and thus our Day 11 DIY was born.

Enter to win this giveaway in all it’s Jingling glory…
Get your three items, glue them together and your done! Okay while basically that much is true, I’ll walk you through step by step how I did it.

Step 1: Gather your supplies:

  • Glass Vase- $1 at Dollar Tree, Goodwill and garage sales are also great places to find these
  • Jingle Bell- $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Glass Candlestick base- $1 at Dollar Tree, Goodwill and garage sales are also great places to find these
  • Fix-All Adhesive- $1 at Dollar Tree, but I had some on hand. E-6000 is also a really good crafting glue to use which you can pick up a any crafting store, even Walmart.
  • Fine Sanding block or Sand paper – whatever you have laying around
  • Hammer (not pictured)

Step 2: Prepare your surfaces. Since we’re dealing with very smooth surfaces, we want to rough up our surfaces a bit so that the adhesive will have more nooks and crannies to seep into to make a more secure bond. Take your sand paper or sanding block, whatever you have on hand, and give a quick once over to your surfaces at the spots that they will be glued together.

Remove the sticker from the bottom of your glass vase
I wound up using some goo gone to get the rest of the sticker off. Goo Gone can go for upwards of $4-$5 at walmart, but i snagged some up a while back at the Dollar Tree. If you missed it, you can read all about my dangerous love affair with the dollar tree here.  Remove the ring from the jingle bell door hanger.  

Step 3: Okay so I knew the curve of the bell would settle nicely into the curve of the candlestick holder base, but the rounded point of contact of the bell to the flat bottom of the glass vase posed a problem; one that could easily be beaten out with a hammer. Any excuse to hit something with a hammer. It’s just so cathartic! So off to the garage to track down an old hammer and a spare cleaning rag to protect the finish of my Giant jingle bell.

Sandwich your bell so that there is sufficient padding from your rag on top and bottom of your bell, hammer down the center of the top of your bell. I have to admit this was easier than I thought it would be. Good thing I bought 2 bells just in case because after I was done hammering the first, it was MUCH flatter than I had intended and too much of the bells roundedness was gone. Bring in the back up bell, a few less wacks of the hammer and I was a much happier camper.


Step 4: With all our surfaces prepped and ready, we begin gluing them together. While you may want to rush this process, be sure to follow the instructions on your adhesive. The Fix-All Adhesive I use recommends, applying glue ot both surfaces to be bonded and allowing to dry for 10 minutes sticking them together.  This tests the patience of this “get it done during nap time mommy” but what it does allow for is that forgotten load of laundry to move from the washer to the dryer. Sigh.

Okay, so starting out with your glass vase and the flattened part of jingle bell, apply small but decent amount of adhesive to both surfaces. Fortunately since the vase is clear glass, you can look inside the vase to make sure everything is centered.

 After waiting the recommended 10 minutes, stick together. After sufficient drying time, continue on with the glass candlestick. Apply a bead of glue to the top/inner edge of candlestick’s top as well as the area of the jingle bell that will make contact with the candle stick.
 After waiting the recommended 10 minutes, stick together.
While the adhesive is still somewhat pliable, I recommend grabbing a level and making sure that your hurricane vase is level.
 If you’d like you could stack something heavy on top of your newly glued hurricane vase, but unless you have Ninja balancing skills with objects, I would say you’re fine to leave it as is and allow to dry for 24 hours before placing anything inside of it. Too many stories of people making their own hurricane vases this way and everything toppling over and super glue adhesive getting all over the place. So if this sounded like something you could do, head out to the dollar tree while you can still nab a giant jingle bells for only $1 since that’s the only seasonal item in this DIY. What you’ll end up with looks something like this..


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