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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 Jingle Bell Burlap Ornament Set of 6 Giveaway

Confession time…We don’t have our Christmas decorations up yet. Christmas comes with so much cute and fun stuff and it’s only up for 1 month out of the year, but we still haven’t made the trek out to cut down our Christmas tree, there isn’t a single solitary pine needle wreath on display indoors…it’s tragic. Fortunately there is the weekend ahead of us and I have high hopes and higher expectations of Mr. MillionAyres to pull in some extra credit and “help” me decorate for the holidays. Being 9 months pregnant defaults me to task master and project coordinator sitting on the couch barking orders while the hubbs climbs ladders and moves this thing or the other “just a few inches that way”. It’s good to be Queen!

Well with that off my chest, I’m ready to share this neat little creation, the Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas DIY and Giveaway the Jingle Bell Burlap Ornament. The giveaway is for a set of 6 of these balls of Christmas cheer and I’m excited for whoever ends up with them. Hopefully you love burlap as much as I do, so be sure to enter.

As a note: If you are entering under the Tweet option, which you can do once daily, be sure to share the tweet URL. There are instructions on how to right there on the widget after you’ve clicked the “I DID THIS!” button.

Step 1: Grab your supplies:

  • Burlap- I chose red, but white against a Green Pine Tree would be so pretty
  • Jingle Bells- pick ’em up at Michael’s or JoAnn’s
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Some Circular Template- I used a roll of duct tape because it had a large interior circle that wouldn’t shift around
  • Pencil
  • Mod Podge or 50/50 Glue and Water Mixture
  • Foam Brush
  • Craft Wire- or metal ornament hooks (remember you can get a big box of them at the Dollar Store)
  • Wire Cutters/Pliers (optional)
  • Dustbuster (not pictured, but super helpful to clean up all those little burlap hairs)
Step 2: Fold a section of your burlap back and forth accordion style creating multiple layers (this will speed up the cutting process) and place your circle template on top.
With your pencil, trace around the interior of your duct tape roll, or whatever you are using as a guide for your circle.
Step 3: Remove your circle template and begin cutting out your circles. I suggest cutting no more than 4 layers at a time or your scissors might seize up on you or at best you’ll give the muscles in your hand a cramp.
You will need 10 circles for each ornament.
After all the cutting is done, you’ll have a fair amount of burlap hairs all over your work space (and yourself, especially if you’re sporting a VERY pregnant belly), now is the time to bust out your dust buster! Ours is still to THIS day the best house warming gift we’ve EVER received.
 Step 4: Burlap is notorious for shedding and falling apart since the weave on the fabric is so loose. To keep your circles from falling apart and slowly disintegrating over time, apply a mixture of glue and water. A 50/50 mixture will keep your ends from fraying but still give you the flexibility you’ll need manipulate the burlap into shape later. After you’ve applied glue all around, pull the circles up off your plate and allow to dry. I like to hang dry mine. Here’s a tip: You’ll need a place to air dry all 10 circles, grab a long piece of string and thread it through the center of each piece spaced out enough for air to flow through. Hang the string up somewhere in the house out of the way while they finish drying.
 Step 5: After your pieces have been starched and dried, fold the circle over and apply a small dab of glue to one side in the middle. Fold that piece over again allowing the glue to bind all four layers, creating a fluffy petal. Careful, since burlap is so full of holes and gaps in the weave, the glue can seep through and get on your fingers. I’d be lying if I said I got through this whole ornament without burning myself.
Take your petal and glue it down to one of your unfolded circles with the point in the center of your circle. Press into place until glue hardens. Repeat with 3 more circles filling in each quadrant with a folded petal.
As is the nature of this material, you might find some small gaps between the sections. Simply add a dab of glue and and press the petals down flat so the gaps disappear.
 Step 6: Cut a section of craft wire about 3-4″ in length, or unfold one wire ornament hanger that you have laying around.Thread on your jingle bells. I opted for smaller bells so that I would get the look of the 3 bundled together, you could also use 1 larger bell instead.
Twist the end of the wire together bunching the 3 bells together.
 Step 7: In the space between your burlap petals, thread the ends of your craft wire all the way through so that they stick out through the back.Twist your ends together and fold over. This secures the bells snugly in place on the front of your ornament.
 Step 8: Repeat the process from Step 5 and create 5 more burlap petals. Glue the first three into place. Before placing the fourth down, glue a looped string in place along the edge of one of your petals to the back of your ornament. You can use any material, but for continuity and to make use of run away burlap, I used a piece 10 inch piece of burlap thread looped and knotted.  Step 9: Glue the fourth petal down covering up your fashioned ornament hanger. This leaves a gap in the center of the back of your ornament. Place a large glob of glue right in the middle. Press your final petal into place and hold until the glue hardens.
 Your final result will look something like this. I realize showing it on a tree would have seemed more impactful, but remember I’ve been a procrastinator this year.and the back, forgive the terrible lighting and the finishing nail in the wall.
I love the rustic but delicate look this ornament gives and I think it’ll add something unique and special to your tree this year and for many afterwards.Michelle
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