Millionayres | Wedding Decorations and Wedding Gifts for 2016
For that unique wedding gift or wedding decoration, let Millionayres help you customize something for your perfect wedding day!
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Wedding days are a time for beauty, love, and that perfect wedding gift! If you’re the bride, you want to make sure everything looks perfect. If you’re the guest, you’re trying to decide if someone else bought that toaster or if they’d rather just have cash. One way you can ensure they happy couple enjoys their gift is to give them a Millionayres gift!

guestbook-weddingBrides, you’re always trying to find that decoration or item that will be different than any one else’s wedding; something that will be unique and have people talking! Why not one of these large unique wedding guest book signs that are hand lettered with your favorite quote or lyric? They come with plenty of room to sign names as well as an oil pen to ensure they won’t fade or rub off. We can also make it double-sided so one side has the signatures and the other the beautiful artwork that you’ll want to show in your home.




How about some table decorations and party favors? Our honeycomb collection make for great food labels, table numbers, or even guests names! They’re small and lightweight, and even come with optional hanging hardware for anyone who’d like to bring them home with them!



For the guests of the bride and groom, we have you covered as well! Any of our items would make a great gift of course, but there are some that work perfectly for a wedding gift! Look over our gallery of gift ideas and make sure you visit the Etsy shop to learn about price and customization options!