Custom Reusable Mask with Your Name



Please put the name you want in the "Special Instructions for the seller" section of the cart!

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Headed to a gaming convention and want to avoid the "con crud" but still want people to easily know you're name? Meeting online friends for the first time in person and want to make sure you're easily recognizable? Then you need your own custom masks with your name on them! 

We use adjustable, washable, black masks with professional white lettering to give a clear and easy way for people to know your name! Take a look at some of the samples in the photos. The masks *may* vary a little in style, depending on availability (we don't actually make the masks!), but they'll all be mostly the same size and style!

The vinyl used for printing the names is a professional style vinyl made for fabrics and is able to be washed. Wash in cold water on the "delicate" settings and air dry only!

Want to use a mask you already own? We can do that! Check out this other listing where we sell just the vinyl lettering, mail it to you, and you can add it to your own mask with the provided instructions! All you'll need is your own mask and a regular clothes iron.

Important Information:

Please put the name you want on the mask in the "Special Instructions for the seller" section of the cart! If you order more than 1 mask and want the same name on all of them, please indicate that. If you order more than 1 mask and want different names on each, please make sure you write out each name and how many masks for that name.

I am not responsible if you misspell your name!

All names are placed on the left cheek of the mask, so it is readable by people facing you.

All names are in white letters, and the size will be adjusted to fit. Generally there's about 3.25 inches of space for a name to fit, so if it's really long, the letters will be smaller. Any more than 12 characters and the letters will be quite small. More than 20 characters is not recommended. 

These are *not* N95 or other types of mask that claim to filter down to whatever micron level. These are your standard 3-layer cloth masks.



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