Corona Quarantine Coloring Sheets

Like many people around the world, COVID-19 aka Corona Virus hit hard and the world has quickly and collectively come together to slow the spread and flatten the curve of active cases. 
But in order to do that, the busy world we live in has had to slow down, leaving many people in unfamiliar territory, working from home. 

Our own local school district has made the contentious decision to extend spring break an additional 2 weeks, meaning all 5 kids are home until April 3rd at the earliest. 

Now I can't do anything to defend the pantry from constant snacking but I'm hoping this will help keep those kiddos and even the mamas and daddy's busy. This simple Corona Virus Coloring Sheet comes with activity prompts that should fill at least a small portion on your day. 

Download your Corona Quarantine Coloring Sheets here.


julia major

julia major said:

Great idea! Thank you!

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