Cedar Snowflake DIY Kit - 14 inch


These 14" DIY Snowflake Kits are a fun holiday project to do with your family or at a holiday party! They are made from cedar, so even if you don't paint or stain them, they will hold up to exterior use for many holiday seasons. They are paint or stain ready, but keep in mind if you do put them outside, you'll want to use an exterior grade paint and maybe even use a sealant to protect them. Assembly instructions are provided via video and PDF.

What's Included:
- 3 "Arms" - The long wooden pieces everything gets attached to. These are 12" long.
- 12 "Diamonds" - 6 for the middle and 6 for the ends of each arm.
- 12 "Wings" - These are the pieces under the diamond at the ends of each arm. They come as separate pieces that need to be assembled into the wing.
- 1 (one) small set of hanging hardware, to be added by you if you choose to use it.
- Link to video and PDF assembly instructions.
- 1 spare diamond and 1 spare wing piece is included in each set.

Not Included:
Though pictured above, there are no tools, pencils, or glue included in this kit. You will only be receiving the wood components, hanging hardware, and link to assembly instructions.

These kits are 100% hand made by Millionayres, in our own home-based shop. When purchasing from our store, you're directly supporting a small, family owned business. We appreciate your support!
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