Laser Cutter & Engraver

Hey y'all!

We're looking to add a laser cutter and engraver to our set of tools, so we can bring a huge new range of product offerings to the shop! With this new tool, we'll be able to engrave into all of the cutting boards, charcuterie boards, coasters, and ornaments, as well as offer many new products! The possibilities are about as endless as your imagination.

Why the xTool D1 Pro?

xTool is having a big "Black Friday" sale this week, making the cost to purchase this tool significantly easier to swallow. We've chosen the D1 Pro for its ability to engrave into large oversized items. Some of the serving boards I make are way too large for the enclosed laser units. This will also let us engrave into very thick projects.

We've also chose to get the "Deluxe" package, as it comes with the rotary tool, which can allow for attaching things like tumblers, baseballs, and other round objects for engraving into them. The Deluxe package gives about $500 worth of added value for about $280 more, which is about as much as the rotary tool itself!

Why only 3 days to raise the money?

The "Black Friday" sale at xTool ends on Nov 24th, Thanksgiving Day. We're wanting to get it ordered before then, just to make sure there's plenty of time. 

Speaking of money, there's actually two (2) options here. The base tool is only about $630 after tax. If we raise at least that much, we'll order the tool regardless. IF we get to the full amount of $900, we'll get the Deluxe option instead. While the extras are nice, we're confident we'll be able to do plenty with just the base tool, and we can get the rotary tool later down the road after we've proved profitibility.


This is the part you're waiting for, I'm sure! Well, I don't know what to give for rewards that will be universally desired. So we thought, why not just give the 2nd best gift possible? Gift cards! That way, you can use the gift card toward a purchase for anything that tickles your fancy! There's no expiration of the gift cards, so you can use it towards something in the shop today, or something we offer down the road!

Thank you!

Truly, thank you! We only are able to do this, and create the things you guys love, because of your support! By crowdfunding this tool, we're able to do so much more cool stuff. This wouldn't be possible without your support. <3