Charcuterie Board in Hickory and Cherry

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This charcuterie board is made with Cherry down the middle and framed with hickory on the sides. If you're a fan of hosting parties, this large size board will accommodate plenty of food and treats for your guests. They'll be wowed by it's beautiful cherry grain popping through the finish.

Hand made in our shop with only food safe products so you can rest assured you won't be getting any nasty plastics or other chemicals. It's finished with several treatments of mineral oil and finally finished off with a mineral oil and beeswax mixture to give it a lovely shine while blocking moisture and other food smells from penetrating into the wood!

Comes with a complimentary 1oz jar of the same oil/beeswax mixture I make.

(accurate to within about 1/8 of an inch)

19" long 
11" wide
1/2" thick 

Care Instructions:

All wood charcuterie boards or cutting boards need to be cared for properly in order to keep them in good condition to last for decades. Keeping it clean and oiled will ensure it won't develop a rancid smell, dry out, or warp.
- Never put it in the dishwasher!
- Hand wash only with lemon juice or white vinegar, and salt. 
- You can use a small amount of a mild dish soap if necessary. Too much will strip the oils away.
- Rinse it well to make sure all the cleaning material used comes off.
- Re-oil regularly with mineral oil or cutting-board oil only. Mineral oil can usually be found in the pharmacy for around $2 or $3 and will last a long time. 
- DO NOT use olive oil, vegetable oil, or other food based oils. They will develop a rancid small and ruin your board.
- For the first few months, reapply oil every time you wash it. After that you can start to space out the reapplications. 

I'm calling this a charcuterie board, or a serving tray, because it's pretty thin. For a cutting board, you'll want something thicker so you can recondition it more often. You can still use this as a cutting board if you choose, but I don't recommend it if you're trying to keep it as an heirloom piece. Also, the face grain will get marked up by knife marks more easily compared to an end grain. 

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