Wood Coasters


Looking for a touch of class to add to your coffee table? Foam or cork coasters look cheap. Get yourself a set of these handmade, solid wood coasters to put your favorite beverage on, because they deserve only the best!

Our coasters are cut, sanded, and finished by hand, by us, in our shop. From rough cut boards to these smooth pieces, we do it all! Finished with multiple coats of polyurethane, they will repel water, scratches, and dents* for many years! 

We are currently only offering sets of 4 with full grain matching across the whole set. We accomplish this by cutting all 4 from the same board, with minimal loss between each. 

Dimensions: They are 4" x 4" with a thickness around 1/8". If the cork backing is selected, that adds about another 1/16".

Note: Due to the nature of wood, the product shown in the photos may not be the exact ones you receive, but will look similar. The species and color will be the same, but the grain will vary. Thickness and width may also vary about 1/16th of an inch.

*I can't guarantee this based on each individuals usage. In general use though, these should last a long time! Don't put it in the dishwasher or throw it out of a moving car. You know, common sense things lol

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