Dice Trays - Early Editions


These are early models of the dice trays that I made while figuring out my process and not having all the proper tools yet. There are some imperfections here and there, and I wouldn't feel good selling them for a full price as if they were perfect... The dark ones are Walnut and the lighter ones are Cherry. Both have genuine leather dyed black and embossed with a dragon-scale like pattern. They don't make this pattern anymore, so these are limited editions!

Dimensions: 9" long, 7.25" wide, 1.75" tall
Base: Leather w/ 1mm foam pad under.

Also, I need to get some cash so I can buy more lumber to make more things for my vendor booth at LootFest. Even if I only sell 20% of what I bring, having a full table makes it look better to the customers. Anything I don't sell will of course be listed back here on the shop after the event. 

I've numbered them in the photos. Each variant will have its own pricing based on condition of the tray and the type of wood. #1 and #2 are both walnut without the dice storage area, so they'll be lower price than a walnut with one. Walnut is the most expensive of the woods I use, and as such, the cost will be higher to sell them. #3 and #4 are both cherry. Both have the removable dice storage piece. #4 has an engraving that I tested and it actually turned out great. #5 is in this group even though it's actually one of the better ones I made. There's almost nothing wrong with it!

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